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Workers at the Wimpole Hall Estate Woodyard c1895
The Parish of Wimpole: Local History

Between 1999 and 2006 I set up and maintained a number of local history websites for Arrington, Croydon (Speculum Gregis 1843), Orwell and Wimpole - four ancient parishes located in South Cambridgeshire, some seven miles west of the university city of Cambridge. For various reasons (mainly employment) the sites gradually died and the domains eventually lapsed. Seven years on and I have been challenged to get the information   back out online. Retirement and the discovery of an old pre-USB back-up disc have negated my long (and completely plausible!) list of excuses - so here once again are the original Wimpole web pages, frozen in all their pre-2006 pre-broadband glory! Enjoy the minimal graphics, iffy designs, dodgy navigation and the largely pre-CSS coding.
Steve [September 2013]

  Very Very Old Wimpole Site - Did I mention it was old?

July 2017 Update - Some of the Wimpole Files have been transferred across to a new website and rebuilt as new pages. More will follow.

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